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How to Make a Navigational Chart

Called Mattangs, Medos, and Rebbelibs, these ancient stick charts were made from the midribs of coconut fronds by the master navigators of what's now known as the Marshall Islands in Micronesia. The intersections of s...

How did Polynesian wayfinders navigate the Pacific Ocean?

Imagine setting sail from Hawaii in a canoe. Your target is a small island thousands of kilometers away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean — a body of water that covers more than 160 million square kilometers. For tho...

Slingshots of the Oceanic

There are many ways of moving through the Universe – of traveling from one point to another over great, even extraordinary distances. There is also a way of using the world for your own ends: taking advantage of slope...

An underwater adventure swimming in Fiji & Tonga

Underwater footage shot whilst scuba diving in the Fiji islands and Tonga. Featuring colorful coral reefs, huge schools of tropical fish, sharks, humpback whales, underwater caves, scuba divers and much more marine ...

A critically-endangered Lord Howe Island Stick Insect hatching

In a world first, zookeeper Rohan Cleave captured the amazing hatching process of a critically endangered Lord Howe Island Stick Insect at Melbourne Zoo. The eggs incubate for over 6 months and until now the hatchi...

BBC Fragile Paradise: Coral Gardening

A 2009 pilot project in Fiji, Coral Gardening is a process of transplanting and growing coral in ways that help make damaged coral reefs healthy again. This clip is from the BBC’s Fragil...

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