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Has the kid seen The Centrifuge Brain Project? It’s short (fictional!) film by German digital artist Till Nowak about making super-imaginative amusement park rides that are completely unhinged from reality, or as “Chief Engineer” Dr. Nick Laslowicz says, “These machines provide total freedom…

What’s your amusement park ride look like if you don’t have to worry about physics?

Thanks, @millergoodman.

Bubbles + Dry Ice (the solid form of carbon dioxide) come together in this step by step video for “creating planets.” It’s also a great DIY parent-kid project for learning about physicsgassessurface tension, sublimation (when a solid turns into a gas without passing through a liquid phase), andsince dry ice will burn skinhow to safely conduct an experiment!

DIY: A dry ice and bubbles tutorial + how to handle dry ice safely.

via Gizmodo.

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