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What’s the difference between hibernation and sleep?

The Arctic Ground Squirrel hibernates by burrowing under the permafrost and slipping into a state of suspended animation. The female black bear can give birth while she hibernates. The fat-tailed dwarf lemur prepares ...

Andrew Fox’s Calligraphy Animals Animated

In 2014, illustrator Andrew Fox published a series of minimal calligraphy animals that were drawn with his Pilot Parallel pen. In 2017, Fox worked with London-based animator Steve Kirby to create Calligraphy Animals A...

How to Make a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Built from scratch with some copper pipe and pieces of glass, this DIY bird feeder with a chalet-style roof is a lovely way to observe small birds while keeping their food away from squirrels. The trick to keeping...

Watch These Frustrated Squirrels Go Nuts – Deep Look

How do you know when a squirrel is happy? Warning a predator? Protecting its food? Frustrated? The key to understanding their mood is not in their expressionless faces... it's in their tail movements. Enter the resear...

A squirrel takes a GoPro up into the tree branches

To get a close up view of the local squirrels, a small GoPro Session was left in the park near the base of a tree. Maybe a squirrel would eat some treats near the camera? Or nibble on treats attached to the camera? Or...

Symbiosis & a surprising tale of species cooperation – TED Ed

Symbiosis is the interdependence or cooperation of two species who rely on one another. In this video narrated by David Gonzales and animated by Sunni Brown, a symbiotic relationship is demons...

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