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The last five, wonder-filled minutes of Extreme Stars

You’re made of carbon, you’re made of oxygen, there’s iron in your blood. All of those things had to be generated inside the core of a star. There’s no other way to get them. So when you ...

BBC Planet Earth: Glow Worms

What a beautiful trap! These glow worms make a sparkling net on the cave ceiling, perfect for catching flying insects, in this clip from the BBC's Planet Earth: Caves. From Wikipedia:  Arachnocampa is a genus of fo...

Landscapes: Volume Two

Landscapes: Volume Two — the second of three, with notes here — features stunning images of Arizona and Utah, including time lapse skies filled with stars. Via @brainpicker. 

The Bolshoi Simulation (2011)

The Bolshoi Simulation is the most accurate large-scale visualization/ simulation of the universe that exists (2011). It’s mapped everything that we know of, and a lot of what we don’...

Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds from Western Australia

There’s no sound and it’s short. But it’s sweet and should be watched full screen: Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds from Western Australia, by Colin Legg.

Star Size Comparison HD

This isn’t a pro-made video, but it’s one of our co-curator’s favorites. He likes how clearly it illustrates the planets in order of size, from small to larger, including some of the largest-known st...

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