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Nature’s Masters Of Disguise – Maddie About Science

Go behind-the-scenes at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History with arachnologist Hannah Wood and Maddie About Science host Maddie Sofia to see the mimics of the museum's collection. Atlas moths, stick bugs, leaf i...

How to make Leonardo da Vinci’s self-supporting bridge

With a series of wooden poles and beams, "Stick-Boy" shows his Dad how to build Leonardo da Vinci's self-supporting arch bridge, also known as the emergency bridge. No nails, screws, rope, glues, notches, or other fas...

How to build a grass hut – Primitive Technology

TIL: Grass huts require a lot of grass... about five days worth of collected guinea grass seems to work particularly well. From Primitive Technology, this is how to build a grass hut in about seven days: The design...

Woven bark fiber – Primitive Technology

Working in between heavy rains over the course of a few days, the man behind Primitive Technology created mats by collecting, stripping, and weaving thin strips of bark fiber together. From his blog: It has been r...

Making charcoal, baskets, & stone hatchets – Primitive Technology

In the modern world, we pick up a bag of charcoal at the market if we want our fires to start easily and get hot quickly. But what did humans from the past do when they wanted their fires to burn hot enough to, say, s...

Making a cord drill & pump drill from sticks & rocks

How far can you go without using modern technology? As a hobby, YouTuber Primitive Technology explores this question by making simple tools from scratch using no modern tools or materials. In the video above, he craft...

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