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These Carnivorous Worms Catch Bugs by Mimicking the Night Sky

These slimy threads are 'fishing' lines in New Zealand's Waitomo Caves. The lures are the bioluminescent glow of Arachnocampa luminosa, or glow worms. Their carnivorous larvae create a starry night sky a half a mile d...

Two Triple Lightning Strikes in Chicago

On June 30, 2014, videographer Craig Shimala set up his cameras to capture a derecho, "a widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm," as it passed through Chicago. In the speedy time-lapse footage above, you can...

Testing Fireworks

How do you know that the fireworks you've made are going to burst in the sky as expected? Test them! In this episode of I Didn't Know That, visit one of the UK's leading fireworks manufacturers as they test the compon...

Sparklers – How It’s Made

How It’s Made: Sparklers! There are more fireworks in the archives. Updated link.

A planetary time lapse from the International Space Station

With footage taken from the International Space Station, NASA fan Bruce W Berry Jr cleaned up and created this Time-Lapse | Earth homage. The location views are listed in order:  1. A Jump over the Terminator2. Sa...

The Chemistry of Fireworks

What makes fireworks different colors? Chemistry! This video by Smarter Every Day walks us through some of the possible chemicals that can be used to make some basic fireworks colors. Happy Fireworks watching! 

Waitomo Glowworm Caves – Life in the Undergrowth

What a beautiful trap! These glow worms make a sparkling net on the cave ceiling, perfect for catching flying insects, in this Sir David Attenborough-narrated clip from the BBC's Planet Earth: Caves and/or Life in the...

Chemiluminescence: BytesizeScience’s glowing chemistry demo

From Bytesize Science: Hydrogen Peroxide + Luminol = Chemiluminescence or light caused by chemistry! Jay Sekhon demos this illuminating chemical reaction. Related videos: Things that glow (or seem to) and more che...

Earth: Seen from ISS expeditions 28 and 29 (2011)

This video might seem like déjà vu — you’ve seen something like it before — but this one is so much more stunning! Be sure to watch it HD full screen.  This new (or newly edited?) video was shot ...

Sync by Max Hattler

Sync, “a circular looping animation projection installation.” Some really beautiful patterns, great sound design, and probable dizziness.  Via The Curious Brain. 

The Bolshoi Simulation (2011)

The Bolshoi Simulation is the most accurate large-scale visualization/ simulation of the universe that exists (2011). It’s mapped everything that we know of, and a lot of what we don’...

The LightLine of Gotham: 3D projection mapping in NYC

Light Lining is a 3D projection mapping technique that UK-based arts and tech studio Seeper has been showcasing around the globe. Some of their projects are interactive, while others, like th...

Toronto Lightning

Lightning strikes during a Toronto thunderstorm. by Jon Simonassi (@jonsimo).

Bioluminescent Deep Sea Creatures

From fireflies to glow worms to deep sea creatures, bioluminescence is a big deal around our house, so we’re always on the hunt for a good light show. This video is composed of snips from the BBC’s Deep Bl...

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