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Minute Physics: Why Is The Sun Yellow and The Sky Blue?

Why is the sun yellow and the sky blue? Why can we see the stars at night? Why is space black? And why is the sky more red, orange, and even pink at sunset? In this Minute Physics episode, we leap into "the grand ball...

NORWAY: A Time-Lapse Adventure

The mountains, the sunsets, the fjords, the auroras! NORWAY: a time lapse adventure in an extremely majestic country. From Rustad Media: This is a time-lapse video resulting from a 15,000 km (almost 10,000 miles) ...

Streets: New York City

Visit the fast-moving streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens in majestic slow motion -- from water balloon fights to pigeons taking flight to sunset skies between skyscrapers -- with Streets - New York City from Ti...

Watch a time lapse sunset through a solar telescope

Seeing the sun set can already be a breathtaking experience, but observing the sun with a solar telescope reveals incredible details — such as sunspots and solar filaments — that we could never safely see ...

Albuquerque’s 2013 Balloon Fiesta time lapsed

Watch this Roadtrippers time lapse video of Albuquerque’s 42nd annual International Balloon Fiesta, a nine day event where over 700 balloons take off into the sky. Full screen, HD-ready stuff.  Then watch more...

Above: time lapse clouds above Japan

Above, a cloud time lapse film that documents the skies above Japan throughout the summer, filmed and edited by photographer Suishu Ikeda. There are more clouds in the archives.

Surfboard-mounted camera: Anthony Walsh Indo surf sessions

Hodgson Hawaii's signature video style of a surfboard-mounted camera: Anthony Walsh Indo surf sessions.

ScienceCasts: A Naked-Eye Comet – Comet Pan-STARRS

Photographer Dan Finnerty's time lapse view of comet Pan-STARRS over Southern California is breath-taking. The colorful sunset and moon setting doesn’t hurt either. Full screen! From...

They Are The Last: Life as a lighthouse keeper

34 degrees 24 minutes 19 seconds South,
 53 degrees, 46 minutes 40 seconds West. Leonardo Da Costa is a lighthouse keeper stationed in Cabo Polonio, a remote cape in a stretch of Uruguayan...

A Bird Ballet: A murmuration of starlings over Marseille, France

Filmed against the sunset skies of Marseille, France, A Bird Ballet is a moment with a flock of (what we assume are) quickly-shifting starlings, caught by filmmakers Neels Castillon and Mathias Touzeris a...

Palm Springs Tram Ride

Rising 8500 feet above the desert floor and into the scenic Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains on a tram in Palm Springs, California. Thanks, @mathowie.

The Unseen Sea

Time lapse clouds and fog, taken around the San Francisco Bay Area by Oakland-based Swiss animator and photographer Simon Christen. Thanks, @cosentino.