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The first 21 days of a bee’s life, a time lapse in 64 seconds

Honey bees are such an integral part of our ecosystem -- they pollinate 1/3 of our food crops -- yet we don't understand all that we should about their life cycle, or what has been threatening them in the last few yea...

How to make a carrot clarinet

From renaissance flutes to rubber glove bagpipes, Linsey Pollak has been making instruments since 1971. An Australian musician and composer, his musical inventions help make playing music more accessible and fun for a...

How to use a paper towel – Portland TEDx

At a Portland TEDx event, Oregonian Joe Smith demonstrates how to use a paper towel, and moreover, demonstrates how easy it is to be mindful. Everyone should see this! via Kottke.

Louie Schwartzberg’s TED Talk: The hidden beauty of pollination

A TED Talk from Louie Schwartzberg: The hidden beauty of pollination. Pollination: it’s vital to life on Earth, but largely unseen by the human eye. Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg shows us the intricate world...

A Robot That Flies Like A Bird: Festo at TED

This TED Talk, A Robot That Flies Like A Bird, blew the minds of both me and my 3 year old co-curator when we watched it. I had some explaining to do re: robot bird vs real bird, gears, sensors, motors, etc, (and at t...

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