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Adrian Esparza’s Wake and Wonder at the Pérez Art Museum Miami

From the Pérez Art Museum Miami’s exhibition, AMERICANA: Formalizing Craft, this is Adrian Esparza’s Wake and Wonder, a 12 x 30 foot installation rewoven from a Mexican serape bla...

The Wool Parade

Abstracted shapes “as living creatures – each given locomotion by the possibilities and restrictions inherent in it’s own physical form - the objects ‘finding their own way&...

Papa Cloudy by Akiko McQuerrey

Enjoy the wonderful stop-motion adventures of Papa Cloudy, created by Brooklyn-based Akiko McQuerrey.

The First Cycle for fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk

Made for fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk by animator Niels Hoebers, this video was featured at Akkersdijk’s show at fashion week in Paris as “ a visualisation of a creative prod...