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Greetings Around the World

When you see friends or acquaintances, do you hug or kiss on the cheek? Do you shake hands or say 'hey' and wave hello before starting a conversation? What greetings are most common where you live? The Cut travels...

Incredible Amezaiku candy animal sculptures by Shinri Tezuka

Goldfish and octopuses that look like glass, tiny real looking pandas, shiba inu dogs, rabbits, dragons, and snakes... all edible. In the art of Amezaiku (飴細工), artisans craft small candy lollipop sculptures. D...

Cherry blossoms over Tokyo’s Meguro River by drone

Enjoy this short but tranquil bird's eye view of Tokyo, Japan's cherry blossom bloom over the Meguro River by drone, filmed by Yasunori Iwamoto. Japan is famous for its springtime sakura or cherry blossoms, as well as...

Comiket crowd control, a time lapse in Tokyo, Japan

Originally published in 2012 by munya munyaka, this time lapse video captured the strict crowd control at Comiket, short for Comic Market, a huge self publishing comic book fair in Tokyo, Japan. Via HoldmanChristmas, ...

Orizuru, a remote controlled origami crane that can fly

A super lightweight, flying symbol of peace, this RC origami crane is made from paper, carbon tubes, 3D-printed nylon filament, and an energy-efficient microcomputer. Its wingspan is 27.6 inches (70 cm), and only weig...

Amezaiku (飴細工) Japanese Candy Sculptures by Ame Yoshihara

Ame Yoshihara sculpts taffy candy into adorable "Amezaiku" animals, a traditional Japanese folk art that dates back to the 700s. This video from SweetsTales showcases his craftsmanship, as well as Ame-pyon, Yoshihara'...

Tokyo roads transform into dazzling tunnels of light

Filmmaker Hiroshi Kondo transforms Tokyo's street lights into pulsing, dazzling, kaleidoscopic tunnels of light in this experimental motion graphics video: Eye Know. Music by Ayako Taniguchi.

How to make Totoro Steamed Buns – Every Happy Thing

How to make Totoro Steamed Buns using a frying pan by YouTuber Hockie at Every Happy Thing. Even if you're not going to make them, the video is fascinating and detail-filled. Also: Totoro, which we highly recommen...

Every Happy Thing: How to make macarons with cute faces

Let's travel to a kitchen in Tokyo, Japan to learn how to make ridiculously adorable macarons with YouTuber and mom Hockie of Every Happy Thing. Yum! (*´ڡ`* )

A Japanese social club cleans public toilets as a weekend hobby

Every Sunday morning in Tokyo, a group of 35 people and their kids get together to clean public toilets. From AP:  45-year-old (Masayuki) Magome, who runs an architecture agency, started t...

Night Stroll

Night Stroll, animated by Tao Tajima, who filmed the footage near his home in Tokyo, Japan. Music by Ris Paul Ric. via icecreamhater.

The Toyota Camatte electric concept car

This Japanese-flavored animation was created for the unveiling of two Toyota Camatte electric car concepts. Showcased at the 2012 Tokyo Toy Show, these vehicles were designed to get kids invo...

Japanese Juggling Festival 2012: Yanazo’s winning performance

The 2012 Japanese Juggling Festival was held in Tokyo in early October, where contact juggler Yanazo wowed the audience with his incredible balance and speed control of just one ball for half the performance. And the...

Ken Yokochi plays Tama-Chan Snoa on accordion

Tokyo resident Ken Yokochi plays accordion. The song is Tama-Chan Snoa by Lars Hollmer. Some detail on how accordions work:  The instrument is played by compressing or expanding the bello...

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