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What if food came to your restaurant table on a conveyor belt, kaiten-zushi or carousel-style? Spencer Kelly of the BBC’s Click visits a kind of restaurant in Tokyo, Japan where most everything is automated: the ordering system, the food delivery, the dirty plate return, and even some of the planning in the kitchen.

Watch more food on conveyor belts, some glass bottles on conveyor belts, and a bunch of toy cars, too.

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Every Sunday morning in Tokyo, a group of 35 people and their kids get together to clean public toilets. From AP

45-year-old (Masayuki) Magome, who runs an architecture agency, started the group in 2011, and says that for many members, this activity has lead to a sort of spirit cleansing ritual, and it is similar to one of the trainings Buddhist monks endure to find peace of heart…

"We do not think of this as volunteer work," says computer programmer Satoshi Oda. "We get together and do this for our own good. Or at least, I used to. Now, I come mostly because it’s a lot of fun."

The children, also liberated from the common conception that toilets are something to make fun of, seem to have as much fun as the adults.

They call themselves Benjyo Soujer, “a combination of the Japanese word for lavatory and a play on the Japanese word for ‘cleaner’ and the English word ‘soldier’.”

See more pride in hard work — The Last Ice Merchant and NYC’s Pothole Repair Crew to name two — and more videos about community in the archives. 

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This Japanese-flavored animation was created for the unveiling of two Toyota Camatte electric car concepts. Showcased at the 2012 Tokyo Toy Show, these vehicles were designed to get kids involved with building cars and learning how to drive them. Yes, it’s a full-sized toy car for kids. 

At the 2013 Tokyo Toy Show, the new Camatte57 concept convertible demonstrated how its 57 lightweight, detachable panels could make for some sporty, DIY personalization that kids can help put together. Watch its shell get assembled:

Alas, these large toy electric cars are only concepts, so don’t expect to find them disassembled all over the living room floor anytime soon.

Watch another commercial out of Japan: TOUCHWOOD SH-08C.


The 2012 Japanese Juggling Festival was held in Tokyo in early October, where contact juggler Yanazo wowed the audience with his incredible balance and speed control of just one ball for half the performance.

And then he juggles with two balls… then three. And then he won first prize. 

Interested in trying out a few contact juggling tricks? Check out Yanazo’s well-practiced skills more closely:

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