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How to Make Tomato Paste in Sicily

At the end of last summer I spent five glorious days in Sicily learning how to put sunshine in a jar. It’s easy. Take a ridiculously large amount of perfectly ripe Sicilian tomatoes. Cut them up. Leave them in the sun...

Food of the Enslaved: Michael Twitty cooks recipes from American history

Historic interpreter and culinary historian Michael W. Twitty preserves and promotes the food traditions of enslaved African and African American communities in the 18th and 19th centuries. From the dishes he makes to...

The Dodder Vine Sniffs Out Its Prey

From PBS Nature, watch as researchers Consuelo M. De Moraes and Mark Mesker conduct a series of experiments to find out if the dodder vine (Cuscuta pentagona), a parasitic plant that depends on a host plant to provide...

Everyday Objects In Macro

Take a good look at these everyday objects up close... the colors, the textures, the scratches or bits of dust and dirt. Can you guess what the objects are before the camera zooms out? This is Everyday Objects In ...

Reverse Therapy – Unchopping, Unshelling, & Unpeeling in 4K

From the team at Wryfield Lab, enjoy some Reverse Therapy in 4K that helps us look at some everyday activities in a new way. Above, [un]chopping tomatoes. Below, [un]shelling peanuts, and [un]peeling tangerines: ...

Submarine Sandwich & Western Spaghetti – Stop motion by PES

Come visit the deli where a Submarine Sandwich is made from sports equipment, toys, and other playfully-delicious looking stuff. Stop motion filmmaker PES is well-known for filling his films with visual surprises, whe...

How to make ketchup, an easy recipe for all ages

Who needs preservatives and sugar in their ketchup? Make your own delicious non-Newtonian fluid with some Roma tomatoes, salt, olive oil, water, and some apple cider vinegar after you watch Z...

Why is ketchup so hard to pour?

That moment that ketchup transitions from a solid, high up in the ketchup bottle, to a liquid that squirts all over your fries – that moment is a big physics moment. Why? Ketchup is a non-Ne...

Time lapse decomposition of a tomato over two months

Time lapse decomposition of a tomato over two months. 

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