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A short stick, a long stick, and a few stones — all a bit difficult to get to — will help illuminate just how clever wild crows can be, especially when these tools need to be used in a specific order. From the BBC’s Inside the Animal Mind, host Chris Packham observes as a wild crow solves a complicated eight-part puzzle to get to its food: Are crows the ultimate problem solvers?

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Turn your smartphone into a digital microscope for around $10: 

This DIY conversion stand is more than capable of functioning in an actual laboratory setting. With magnification levels as high as 175x, plant cells and their nuclei are easily observed! In addition to allowing the observation of cells, this setup also produces stunning macro photography.

We’re putting this on our must-build list. Related watching: more macro-view videos or Build Your Own Lego Microscope.

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Buzz Moran of What’s that, Buzz takes us on a field trip to find out what interesting sounds you might find in a hardware store, and how those sounds are turned into sound effects for other kinds of things… robots, woodpeckers, cars, doorbells, music, and more. Watch and then start making sounds of your own!

In the archives: more interesting sounds, including making a hummingbird sound.

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