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From KQED Science, find out how San Francisco’s 600 tons of compostable waste can be transformed into a dark, nutrient-rich material that will not only feed plants to improve the quality of what we eat and drink, but that also has the potential to offset America’s carbon emissions by over 20%. Above, agronomist Bob Shaffer takes us Inside the Compost Cycle.

Food scraps, mostly compostable, are over 30% of everyone’s garbage, and could instead help turn poor dirt into nutrient-rich soil where you live. If you’re interested in learning how to compost, check out these excellent links:

Watch more videos about sustainability, including the Moser Lamp, shaggy lawnmowers, Pierre’s high school greenhouse, Brooklyn’s Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, and how to use a paper towel.

BBC News: How do you turn rubbish into energy? Find out how the largest energy recovery facility in Oslo, Norway processes waste and converts it into approximately half of the city’s energy. The integrated waste management system has been so successful that Oslo has had to import trash from other countries to keep up with energy demands.

Simply burning trash is known for putting toxins into the air, but according to recent reports, Waste-to-Energy (WTE) technologies have made advances in “almost completely eliminating" dangerous emissions. WTE supporters also encourage more recycling and minimization of waste as first steps in the waste management heirarchy pyramid.

Also, there’s a huge claw.

Watch more videos about trash in the archives.

Andy Knowlton finds reusable materials on the streets of Seoul, Korea, makes little dolls with the pieces, and then puts the dolls back out on the streets with a poem that he’s written, all to be discovered later by someone else. Such a great project… the 5 year old suggested that we make our own.

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In the same way that we use reusable metal water bottles and sippy cups for kids on-the-go, the team at Keep Cup is promoting reusable coffee containers for adults on-the-go in this promo video called Salute the Reuser.

This is a wonderful idea no matter what container you keep with you. Our family recently started taking our insulated Klean Kanteens to coffee shops instead of using disposable paper cups and plastic lids, so this video definitely speaks to us.

Related sustainabilityIn.gredients’ package free store, The Landfill, and one of our absolute favorites, Joe Smith demonstrates how to use a paper towel.

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