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How to: Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction

Have you seen that crazy popsicle stick chain reaction video in the archives? This Sick Science tutorial explains how to make it.

How to make a paper airplane that flies far: Strike Eagle

A tutorial by paper airplane engineer Mahir Cecen, this is how to make a paper airplane that flies far. In fact, all of Cecen's paper plane videos are titled that, so you'll have to test them all out and let us know w...

How to make a rolled Japanese omelette

How to make a rolled Japanese omelette, Dashimaki Tamago, with a square frying pan. In related news, my kids want a square frying pan. In the archives: more eggs. via swissmiss.

How to make a papercraft rainbow snake

A papercraft snake that can twist and turn! Find out how to make your own in this video tutorial by dutchpapergirl. Pdfs of the pattern are here. Next: what else can you make with this style o...

How To Draw Your Hand In 3D

Here’s a fun, quick trick: How To Draw Your Hand In “3D”. What other things around the house or outside can you use this technique with?

Turn your smartphone into a digital microscope for around $10

Turn your smartphone into a digital microscope for around $10:  This DIY conversion stand is more than capable of functioning in an actual laboratory setting. With magnification levels as hig...

Amazing Moving Cube

How to make an Amazing Moving Cube, a 2010 tutorial by Brusspup, who we’ve seen here before. And if you can’t find wooden cubes, paper cubes will most likely work, too. 

cdza music: Intro to Drums

The cdza music team is at it again with the second episode of their series The Instrumentals: Intro to Drums. After introducing the drum set, drummer Allan Mednard compares and contrasts two kinds of rhythms: rock an...

Giant bubble explosions

From Shanks FX and PBS Digital Studios, watch these Giant Bubble Explosions, a DIY tutorial that features 60fps slow motion bubble goodness at night. In the archives: more bubble videos, including a bubble bot, bubbl...

How to draw a Penrose Rectangle & other impossible objects

The Penrose Rectangle is what’s known as an impossible object, an optical illusion that is drawn to look like a three-dimensional thing that could never actually exist. If it’s hard to see at first, cover ...

How to Tie a Bow Tie

A lesson in tradition taught in a less traditional way, How to Tie a Bow Tie taught with stop-motion… by a bow tie.  Related: more clothes videos + and other tutorials. via This N That and Some Shir...

How to tie a Figure 8 knot

This video demonstrates how to tie a Figure 8 knot, one of the Basic 8 knots that lead to a huge catalog of useful tying skills for boating, climbing, scouting, search and rescue, and more. ...

Learn how to arm wave

Learn how to arm wave with Hip Hop dancer and choreographer Matt Steffanina. Then make it look smooth with lots of practice!

How to wrap presents Japanese-style

For you last minute gift-givers out there, try wrapping the presents Japanese style! And if this video is too fast to follow (it is), here’s a whole bunch of video tutorials that are at a...