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To be the winner of a sumo bout, you have forced your opponent to either step out of the ring or touch the ground with some part of their body that is not the bottom of their feet. From National Geographic, watch this introduction to the Japanese sport of Sumo, a professional wrestling tradition exclusive to Japan.

More videos about culture are in the archives, including one of our favorites, New Zealand’s Haka Dance.

We love tours of amazing things, and in How Astronauts Put on Space Suits, Norm from Tested really delivers on that front. With the help of Terry Dunn, Training Operations Manager of the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, we get to see the EMU (extravehicular mobility unit) and every essential uniform piece that astronauts wear under the EMU’s shell.

We also get to see some very cool tools that have been specially made for the unique challenges of working while wearing the suit “outside” in space.

After the video, be sure to check out Tested’s photo gallery of their time with the iconic EMU suit, see more spacesuit photos at HistoricSpacecraft.com, and check out more NASA-related videos

From Science Friday, behold A Spacesuit Ballet

Of the suit he wore on the moon, Neil Armstrong wrote, “it was tough, reliable, and almost cuddly.” But that cuddly suit, made by the company Playtex, had some stiff competition (literally) from rival rigid, metal designs. This video features archival NASA footage of mobility tests for several spacesuit prototypes. Music is from the band One Ring Zero’s album “Planets”.