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Drones help scientists study Guatemalan volcanoes

A team of volcanologists and engineers from the Universities of Cambridge and Bristol has collected measurements from directly within volcanic clouds, together with visual and thermal images of inaccessible volcano pe...

The Praying Mantis Leaps – ScienceTake

In this ScienceTake from The New York Times, we watch a young praying mantis leap over and over and over again... a completely fascinating, rather cartoon-like action that can be super-useful for scientists and engin...

The Sticky Feet of Ants & Cockroaches – Cambridge Ideas

Have you ever watched an ant walk up a wall? Have you seen one upside down on a ledge while carrying something? How do insect feet stick like that?! Get a very close look at the minuscule foot anatomy of ants and cock...

Understanding tether dynamics through kite flying

For Hilary Costello's ongoing Ph.D. research, she can be found inside at a computer, coding and writing equations, and outside flying kites in the wide open spaces of Cambridge University. Her goal: "design an aerodyn...

Killer T cell attacking cancer

Watch this immune system defending T cell attacking a cancer cell. Alex Ritter, a PhD student at Cambridge, shot this “using an Andor Revolution spinning disk system with an Olympus micr...

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