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Sting, prey, raft: The successful behaviors of red imported fire ants

Is this one of the most detailed videos ever made of a fire ant stinging a human? In this Ant Lab video, Dr. Adrian Smith captures up-close footage of a red imported fire ant biting, licking, and stinging. He also doc...

Fish paralyzed by Man O’ War tentacles – Blue Planet II

The tentacles of the Portuguese Man o' war (Physalia physalis) are beautiful as they float down into the water... but fish and humans, beware: These tentacles are venomous. They can sting, and they catch and reel in f...

Slow Loris Conservation in Vietnam

Take a closer look at the slow loris, specifically the Bengal slow loris and the Pygmy slow loris in Vietnam. Large-eyed, arboreal, and solitary, these nocturnal primates face declining populations due to trapping and...

How do jellyfish sting?

Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? From the huge Lion's mane jellyfish to tiny jellyfish larvae, jellies (which aren't actually fish) can accidentally sting ocean swimmers with their built-in defensive mechanism...

The Portuguese Man-of-War Up Close

This incredible video, and the corresponding photos featured at National Geographic, are by retired combat photographer Aaron Ansarov, who photographs the Portuguese man-of-war (and releases them unharmed) when they w...

The flannel moth caterpillar is furry, brightly colored, & venomous

This is a flannel moth caterpillar, or Megalopyge opercularis, walking on a tree in the Ucayali Amazon basin, north of Pucallpa in Peru. The video, filmed by Ollie Boon, showcases the caterpillar’s cute and furr...

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