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Fred Harwin hand paints highly detailed prosthetic eyes

Portland, Oregon-based ocularist Fred Harwin makes beautifully detailed artificial eyes, an occupation that requires both medical and illustrative expertise. In this video from Oregon Public Broadcasting, Harwin share...

Blind Birdwatcher Sees With Sound

Juan Pablo Culasso is a birdwatcher in Uruguay, but he doesn't see birds the way that most birdwatchers do. In fact, he doesn’t see them at all. Born without sight, Culasso listens to the birds and has developed a kee...

An incoming storm delivers a world full of color

An incoming rainstorm brings a rainbow of sound and color to a little girl's world. Nieta, which means "granddaughter" in Spanish, is an award-winning animated short by Argentine filmmaker Nicolás P. Villarreal.

Why Not Now? Vivian Stancil

When Vivian Stancil was 49 years old, her doctor told her that she needed to immediately improve her health. Despite being afraid of the water—she's legally blind and had never been in a pool before—she was determined...

How do the blind cook?

Chopping veggies with a sharp knife, cooking up sauces on a hot stove, and prepping a fresh fish for the oven all with a GoPro on, American chef Christine Hà demonstrates how someone who is blind can cook complex dish...

The Blind Astronomer of Nova Scotia

Tim Doucette is legally blind, yet he sees the stars better than most people. A childhood diagnosis of congenital cataracts forced doctors to remove Doucette's lenses and widen his pupils. That left the amateur astron...

Emily’s Oz: A blind girl imagines & art directs The Wizard of Oz

A recent television commercial is standing out among the others, not as much for the product that it's advertising, but for the story it tells about a seven year old girl named Emily. Blind since birth, Emily's imagin...

Feeling, not seeing, an elephant: what might you imagine?

If you couldn’t see an animal, and only learned what they look like by touch, sound, and a verbal description, what might you imagine? In this clip from the BBC’s Zookeepers, Donna, who has been blind sin...

A Google self driving car test with a legally blind man

Behold Google’s Driverless Car. From PC Mag:  Google released the video to celebrate that it has safely completed 200,000 miles of computer-lead driving. The video shows [Steve] Mahan sitting in the driver&#...

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