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Video camera technology has improved immensely in recent years, allowing scientists like lightning physicist Vladislav Mazur and meteorologist Tom Warner to analyze high speed footage of these captivating bolts of electricity in the sky.

In this video, Incredible Slow Motion Lightning Strike, via sagansense, we see just 1 second of lightning slowed down into 3 minutes. Yes, 1 sec = 3 mins.

One more to watch: a downward lightning negative ground flash captured at 7,207 images per second

We were just watching how wind (and so many other things) can get going with the spin of the Earth, now let’s go deeper and find out more about what wind is with PBS’ Dr. Joe Hanson of It’s Okay To Be Smart.

Then watch a surprising amount of videos about spinning and wind in the archives.

(via jtotheizzoe)

And now it’s time for 3+ minutes of jazz and tiny hailstones. From Aatish Bhatia at Empirical Zeal, “The Universal laws behind growth patterns, or what Tetris can teach us about coffee stains.”

As I watched this miniature world self-assemble on my windshield like an alien landscape, I wondered about the physics behind these patterns. I learned later that these patterns of ice are related to a rich and very active current area of research in math and physics known as universality. The key mathematical principles that belie these intricate patterns lead us to some unexpected places…

Observe this quiet, growing collection of ice particles on its own, or read on for a much deeper discussion of universality that includes diagrams, videos, and animated gifs.

Related quiet particle observation: Dust particles dance to a Radiohead cover

Revolution is an animated short by photographer Chris Turner, paper engineer Helen Friel and animator Jess Deacon that explores the life cycle of a single drop of water through the pages of an elaborate pop-up book. The book contains nine scenes that were animated using 1,000 photographic stills shot over the course of a year.

From the archives: another water cycle animation set to boogie woogie

via This Is Colossal.