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How to Build a Windfarm

From the Smithsonian Channel, this is How to Build a Windfarm, spotlighting work accomplished across three sites of the Flat Ridge Wind Farm in Kansas.

How do wind turbines work?

From NOVA PBS, an explanation of how wind turbines work, what challenges wind power faces, and why this renewable energy source is important. With charts! More vids with wind turbines are in the archives.

The NY Sunworks Science Barge & teaching sustainability

Powered by wind turbines, solar panels, and a biodiesel generator, the NY Sunworks Science Barge (now in Yonkers, New York) is a model for energy-efficient, sustainable urban farming. Using a hydroponic system that re...

Energy 101: Wind Turbines

An Energy 101 video from the US Department of Energy: the modern wind turbine and how it generates clean electricity using physics and technology. Watch more videos about wind.

What happens when you send an email – The Story of Send

Google’s The Story of Send visualizes how an email journeys through their data centers to reach its final destination, all while promoting the energy efficiency of their custom-built ser...

Go Beyond Oil (Greenpeace UK Campaign)

We’ve watched this video quite a few times in the last few weeks… it’s surfaced as a kiddo-favorite. Not only is it a beautiful animation (by Toronto-based Smart Bubble Society, “a not-for-pro...

The time lapse assembly of wind-power turbines

We’ve always loved the super tall wind-power turbines while speeding by on a train or in a car. Reaching tall into the sky, they are a marvel of sustainable kinetic power and so the kid often asks for videos of...

Moving Windmills: The William Kamkwamba story

William Kamkwamba's story is already out there as a book, a young readers book, a Kickstarter documentary film project, not only one but two TED Talks, and luckily for us, the six minute story in video form. A descrip...