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Frozen bubbles: Ice crystals form on bubbles in real time

Watch ice crystals form in real time on these spinning and floating soap bubbles, filmed in -40°C weather in Northern Sweden. The crystalized spikes grow outward quickly as the low sun lights the surfaces of the spher...

Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys

In the extreme environment of Yunnan, China's remote White Horse Snow Mountains, these unique snub-nosed monkeys can be found eating leaves and flower buds in the snow. Watch how they take refuge in the trees during t...

A Forest Year: A time lapse of the seasons

Watch the seasons change in this 15 month time lapse made from 40,000 still images: A Forest Year by videographer Samuel Orr. During a stay in a remote Indiana cabin, while on location to work on a PBS documentary...

A Deer Migration You Have to See to Believe

Traverse three highways, multiple water crossings, sand dunes, and over 100 fences in A Deer Migration You Have to See to Believe. This National Geographic video by Joe Riis shares the incredible yearly journey of mul...

Pillar Point – Dreamin’

Pillar Point - Dreamin’, directed by our friends at Wild Combination.

Fly over a herd of reindeer near Kautokeino, Norway

Fly over a herd of reindeer near Kautokeino, Norway, and watch how the patterns of reindeer (and people) shift around in the snow. This footage was shot by Norwegian photographer Jan Helmer Ols...

Snowtime: the timelapsed formation of snowflakes

The timelapsed formation of snowflakes in macrofocus by Vyacheslav Ivanov. Music: Aphex Twin - Avril 14th. Update via Colossal: “Ivanov confirms from his home in St. Petersburg that th...

The Science of Snowmaking

From The New York Times, Olympics 2014: The Science of Snowmaking:  Machines make snow the same way nature does, by freezing water droplets. But they do it a few feet above the ground, rat...

Le silence sous l’écorce (The Silence Beneath the Bark)

A tender fairy tale about discovery and growing up, this is The Silence Beneath the Bark, Le silence sous l’écorce (2010), by Joanna Lurie. Read more about the film here. 

This is NOT timelapse: the Aurora Borealis in real time

This breathtaking video of the Aurora Borealis is not a timelapse video — this is what it looks like in real time. It was filmed in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada by astro-ph...

Minute Earth: How do trees survive winter?

How do trees survive winter? This episode of Minute Earth explains. Related watching: The Story of Frozen Food and Why The Full Moon is Better in Winter.

National Film Board of Canada: The Rink

From the National Film Board of Canada, this is Quebec director Gilles Carle’s The Rink. Details we noticed on this idyllic Sunday in 1962: everyone’s warm breath in the cold air...

Minute Physics: Why The Full Moon is Better in Winter

Minute Physics on Why The Full Moon is Better in Winter. Bonus: great visualizations explaining Earth’s relationship to our sun and moon throughout the year. via jtotheizzoe.

Hitch a Ride with Reindeer Herders

Hitch a ride with brothers Aarne and Lasse, two reindeer herders that help manage the last group of wild reindeer in Finland. This is a clip from Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys, a docu...

The Earth’s magnetic field helps foxes target mice in the snow

With its exceptional hearing, the red fox can detect when a small animal is scurrying around up to 3 feet under the snow, and their high jump to surprise and catch that animal — called &...

TED Ed’s Reasons for the Seasons

Watch TED Ed’s Reasons for the Seasons. Educator Rebecca Kaplan lays out the many variables that shape our understanding of what seasons are. via insteadofwatchingtv.

Bare: A bear adjusts to nature at his new house in the woods

Bare, by Helen Dallat and Daisy Gould, "about a bear who moves to the woods, but soon finds out that he doesn't like all the mess!" After this: watch more videos about seasons…

Travel through Greenland on a dog sled

With a pack of impatient dogs barking that they’re ready to go, travel through Greenland on a dog sled, a mode of transport that is thousands of years old. In the archives: more animals in the snow.

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