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If the blue whale is the biggest animal on Earth, and a Sequoia redwood tree is the tallest tree, what are the heaviest or most widespread organisms that explorers and scientists have ever found? MinuteEarth explains The Biggest Organism on Earth.

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In August, 2009, Stefan Schöppers and his team succeeded in breaking the world record for the largest domino toppled in a chain that begins with a “regular”-size domino. Their largest domino, shown in the video above, is 6.40 m (20 ft 11 in) in height.

That record held until an 8m (26 ft 3 in) tall domino was toppled in a on the Dutch National Science Quiz TV show in January, 2013. You can watch that video here.

So how does this all work? Learn more about the science behind the spectacle in this domino chain reaction video by Professor Stephen Morris, and enjoy more videos with dominoes.

275,000 dominoes toppled toward a new Guinness World Record with the help of German company Sinners Domino Entertainment

Last Friday we successfully toppled 272,297 out of 277,275 dominoes under the theme “Enjoy Your Life” at the Wilhelm-Lückert-Gym in Büdingen. After Wolfgang Naumann started the chain reaction, we immediately broke the world record for the most dominoes toppled in a spiral. Furthermore there were six areas with different motives and mechanisms.

There’s a tiny little plane involved. And pyramids. And pixel-style photos, walls of words, shelves, cascading walls, sliding hats, an aquarium… Really, I could keep going. The video is ten minutes long, which is long, but not as long as the eight days it took 12 builders to set it up!

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Watch Lord Paul Drayson, former Science Minister, science entrepreneur, and owner of Drayson Racing Technologies, set a new world land speed record for lightweight electric vehicles after achieving an average of 204.185mph in a lithium-nanophosphate battery-powered car. From The Guardian

It was a demonstration of a technology that is slowly keeping its promise to revolutionise the way we travel. And for the first time in half a century, motor sport seems to be showing itself capable of making a significant contribution towards accelerating the development of that technology.

"I really think that the changes that are taking place in the car industry need to be reflected in motor sport," Drayson said shortly before setting off on his record-breaking run.

"We’re seeing this huge shift to the electric drivetrain in the mainstream industry, so motor sport has got to pioneer this technology, too. It’s got to lead on the innovations and help reset people’s expectations about what an electric car can do."

There are more vehiclesmore electricity videos, and more world records in the archives.

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Two college student designers (Luke Greenway and Laura D’Asaro), 27 volunteers, seven hours of work, five attempts, and 2,131 books mixed together at the Seattle Public Library to create the longest book domino chain in the world. The library used the new world record to celebrate and promote their 2013 Summer Reading Program.

There are many, many more chain reactionsworld records, and books in the archives, including this stop motion fun: The Joy of Books.

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