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Astronaut Leland Melvin on Returning Home From Life In Space

What's it like to come back home to our Blue Marble after you've been floating around in orbit? NASA astronaut, engineer, and former football player Leland Melvin explains his return-to-Earth readjustment experience i...

Upside Down & Inside Out – OK Go in zero-g

Filmed in one long take, thanks to 20 flights aboard a Russian S7 Airlines parabolic flight, stunt-video aficionados OK Go present Upside Down & Inside Out, all filmed in zero gravity with, as they note, no wires or g...

This is What Outer Space Does to Your Body

NASA astronaut, engineer, and former football player Leland Melvin explains how the human body changes when it leaves the confines of Planet Earth. Your body may become taller, your heart might get smaller and change ...

Zero Gravity 360° + Weightless Water Experiments

Go on a zero gravity parabolic flight, also known as the ‘vomit comet’, in this 360º video from The Royal Institution. Drag the video in any direction using any modern browser or the YouTube mobile app... and, of cour...

Exploring the surface of a comet or asteroid with Hedgehog

When you're exploring a comet or asteroid, you've got to contend with a microgravity environment and some seriously rugged terrain, two huge challenges for a traditional rover. Enter Hedgehog, a jump, spin, and tumble...

“Analog experiments” that appear to defy gravity

If we could control gravity, or if we could defy it, this is what it might look like: pouring water upside down, balloons flying away sideways, and paint dripping in all directions! This is Gravity, a series of "analo...

The Astronaut’s Guide To Life In Space

Yoyos, paper air planes and spinning bananas. Learn about astronauts’ life in space as they goof off in zero gravity (80s-style). From NPR.  Thanks, Lacey.

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