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A tumbling, glowing, furry puppet creature by Barnaby Dixon

With spiky fur on its back and a long, expressive nose on its little face, this aardvark-like creature is a charming addition to Barnaby Dixon‘s collection of characters. A...

A glow-in-the-dark bug puppet by Barnaby Dixon

Puppeteer Barnaby Dixon designs puppets that move with a combination of his practiced finger work and the puppet’s internal mechanisms. They can pick things up, scratch their heads, dance,...

Barnaby Dixon’s Raptor Puppet

Puppeteer Barnaby Dixon designs highly detailed finger puppets like this one and the one above: a rather adorable raptor puppet. Watch as his fingers control the feet while other...

Puppeteer Barnaby Dixon’s new puppet concept

Puppeteer and puppet designer Barnaby Dixon developed a brand new design for his finger puppet concept, refining its internal mechanisms and improving its movements. Using his human hands in...

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