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Ballet Rotoscope

...Rotoscope (2011) was created by Masahiko Sato + EUPHRATES, the Japanese design group known for their work on Japan’s NHK educational TV show Pitagora Suitchi (Pythagora Switch). The experimental piece...

A Japanese ‘Pythagoras Switch’ Rube Goldberg Machine for charity

This awesome Pythagora Switch / Pitagora Suitchi clip launches with a table tennis serve and takes off into chain reactions and table top engineering wonders galore. See ping pong...

Biisuke Ball’s Big Adventure – Pitagora Suitchi

...escape from the cage and the contraption. Of course, that little green sign in the beginning of the video is the calling card of Pitagora Suitchi (PythagoraSwitch), Japan’s NHK educational...

A homemade Pitagora Suitchi (Pythagora Switch) device collection

As huge fans of Rube Goldberg machines, we’ve tried to make our own Pitagora Suitchi-style contraptions before, but are still working towards the kind of success that YouTuber 10813panaki...

Pitagora Suitchi – 9 minutes of Japanese Rube Goldberg machines

We love Rube Goldberg machines, and have posted about these short films from Japan’s NHK educational TV show, Pitagora Suitchi (PythagoraSwitch) before, so it’s no surprise that this...

Pitagora Suitchi (Pythagora Switch) – Marble chain reaction

After watching NYT’s Brooklyn’s Rube Goldberg video, we went googling for Japanese versions and happened upon a bunch short films for the educational TV show, Pitagora Suitchi (Pythagora Switch).  Update! The...

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