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Christian Moullec flies his microlight with the birds

...at his home in France and then teaching them safe migratory routes across Europe, as seen in the nature documentary Earthflight (2011): Learn...

Australia’s budgie super swarms

...BBC’s Earthflight. Plus, a bit more from budgerigar.com: Even though budgerigars are typically called parakeets, especially in the United States, they are just one of over 100 species...

How do filmmakers get such amazing footage of birds flying?

If you’ve ever seen a clip from the BBC’s Earthflight, you’ve probably wondered how filmmakers get such amazing footage of flying from the birds’ perspectives. This is an example...

California Devil Rays Leap from the Pacific – Earthflight

The BBC’s nature series, Earthflight, showcases nature’s wonders from the perspective of birds across the globe. And from the look of this promo, it’s all pretty spectacular-looking. Watch...

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