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Scallops have lots of tiny eyes that act like tiny telescopes

Things you may not know about the marine bivalve molluscs called Pectinidae or scallops, as seen in the Hakai Institute video above: 1. They can swim freely for...

1000s of Bugs, 100 Islands, 1 Happy Entomologist

...Coast of British Columbia. In this Hakai Institute video, 1000s of Bugs, 100 Islands, 1 Happy Entomologist, she’s collecting the specimens that will help define the islands’ existing bug life....

Seagrass: Life in the Underwater Meadows

...habitats are threatened around the world. Hakai Institute researchers are mapping the seagrass meadows and cataloging their biodiversity to establish a baseline understanding of seagrass habitats along the Central Coast...

Beauty and the Feast: When Herring Come to Spawn

...to humans. Travel to the BC Central Coast to watch the show! There’s some brilliant underwater footage in this. From Hakai Institute, watch Beauty and the Feast: When Herring...

Under The Dock, a marine life series by Hakai Institute

...of animals on the rocky reef.” From Hakai Institute, this is one in their Under The Dock series of short videos featuring incredible but often unnoticed local creatures… like the...

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