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"TKSST finds the cream of the crop of innovative, and amazing content then shares it to inspire others. A great resource for a homeschooling parent, bored teenager or curious adult looking for some inspiration."
– Katie, Salt Lake City Public Library System
“…a site that curates genuinely gorgeous and thought-provoking videos — ones that aren’t necessarily aimed at kids, so anyone, of any age, would also dig them.”
– Boing Boing
"How did we possibly manage without TKSST? Our two girls 12 and 10 sat down for a few videos and loved it - actually pulled them away from Minecraft. Thx for this fine curation."
– Alex Smith, @PlayGroundology
"My kids (5 & 6) just sat through the entire Science Fair movie without fidgeting because they’re used to watching educational content."
– Aria, parent and TKSST Patron
"Here is an amazing resource for bringing concepts alive... I’ve used this child friendly content to promote great discussions and introduce news ideas in science class."
– British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park
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