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Levitating frogs using magnetic fields

Flying Frogs! Sort of… The short answer is that living things — even humans — can levitate when a ridiculously strong/large magnet is used to repel the frog’s atoms’ magnetic fields. 

Here’s a more in-depth explanation, edited down here: 

…all matter in the universe consists of small particles called atoms and each atom contains electrons that circle around a nucleus. This is how the world is made. If one places an atom (or a large piece of a matter containing billions and billions of atoms) in a magnetic field, electrons doing their circles inside do not like this very much. They alter their motion in such a way as to oppose this external influence.

As you probably saw many times when playing with magnets, magnets push each other away if you try to bring together their like poles, for example, two north or two south poles… 

In this field, all the atoms inside the frog act as very small magnets… One may say that the frog is now built up of these tiny magnets all of which are repelled by the large magnet. The force, which is directed upwards, appears to be strong enough to compensate the force of gravity (directed downwards) that also acts on every single atom of the frog.

So, the frog’s atoms do not feel any force at all and the frog floats as if it were in a spacecraft.

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Thanks, DJ.

Updated video.

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This video was posted 9 years ago.

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