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15-Note Poly Tempo Pendulum

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A pendulum wave or snake is a visual phenomenon that occurs when multiple weighted objects, hung with strings of incremental length, are set in motion simultaneously. Those lengths give them difΒ­ferΒ­ent osΒ­cilΒ­laΒ­tion freΒ­quenΒ­cies, and over time, their physical relationships to each other create different visual patterns.

What would it be like to hear a pendulum wave of sound?

As an aural experiment, Canadian composer and percussionist Jeremie Carrier created a five-minute-long 15-note poly tempo pendulum on the marimba:

“I played 15 different notes at 0.2 bpm differences. The result is an amazing sweep of the rhythmic subdivision spectrum!

“Each time you hear a bell it means that we’ve reached an important subdivision. 8th notes, triplets, and sixteenth notes.”

Don’t be tempted to fast forward; the point of this video lies in the gradual evolution of the sound and how each pattern can evoke a unique emotional response.

tempo pendulum
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