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The Kid Should See This

How volunteers hand-raised an orphaned short-tailed fruit bat

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Lil’ Drac is an orphaned short-tailed fruit bat. This video tells the story of how volunteers at Bat World Sanctuary in Mineral Wells, Texas hand-raised Lil’ Drac from a baby to a healthy adult. A bit more about bats from their site

Bats are clean, gentle and intelligent, they are vital to the ecosystem, and they enhance out lives in many ways. Fruit and nectar bats bring us approximately 450 commercial products and over 80 different medicines through seed dispersal and pollination. Up to 98% of all rainforest regrowth comes from seeds that have been spread by fruit bats. Insect-eating bats are literal vacuum cleaners of the night skies, eating millions upon millions of harmful bugs. They protect us by eating insect-pests that destroy crops as well as insects that cause human disease.

The video is pretty sweet. The kiddo asked to watch it more than once.

via Conservation Report.

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