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20 Mechanical Principles combined in a Useless LEGO Machine

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Not only does the Brick Experiment Channel demonstrate 20 different mechanical principles with LEGO in this video, but they also fit together into a do-nothing LEGO machine… though it does slowly turn a mini-fig.

Watch as each mechanism, from a Schmidt coupling and a constant-velocity joint to an intermittent mechanism and a worm gear, clicks together. The contraption uses 520 LEGO parts and a cotton string.

The complete machine
Then build one, some, or all of these mechanisms: Brick Experiment Channel includes links to the MOC kit and free building instructions. The latter includes short definitions for each component. Find a quick list below:

00:00 Schmidt coupling
00:17 Constant-velocity joint (CV joint)
00:30 Universal joint
00:42 Bevel gears
00:53 Slider-crank linkage

01:08 Sun and planet gear
01:25 Scotch Yoke
01:40 Chebyshev Lambda Linkage
01:58 Chain drive
02:13 Belt drive
02:32 Constant-mesh gearbox
02:50 Oscillating direction changer
03:06 Torque limiter (Lego clutch)
03:19 Winch
03:34 Rack and pinion

rack and pinion

03:47 Offset gears
04:00 Uni-directional drive
04:22 Camshaft
04:38 Intermittent mechanism
04:52 Worm gear

40x speed
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