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Backstage Sleeping Beauty – The Royal Ballet of Flanders

From the Royal Ballet of Flanders – Backstage Doornroosje (Backstage Sleeping Beauty):

In the video below our four principals, Aki, Geneviève, Alain and Wim, unfold their ballet way of life. But not before 11-year-old Emilie Borremans enthusiastically talks about her ballet ambitions. With her performance in Doornroosje she has a first taste of a real ballet dancer’s life.

The ballet, the costumes, the makeup, all of the stage lights… this behind-the-scenes Sleeping Beauty video is beautifully shot and really helps share the passion and excitement of a modern production. Found this after watching Le Vent, a slow-motion ballet piece originally set to Radiohead (now muted due to copyright) which is also definitely worth watching. 

There are more ballet videos in the archives.

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