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What protects human deep divers down in the Mariana Trench?

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James Cameron has become the third person in history to go the Mariana Trench’s Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the ocean. He went solo in a 2 1/2 inch thick steel ball, encased in a state of the art sub that was rigged with lights and cameras for filming. This video details a bit of history, and the technology and constraints behind the dive.

It’s groundbreaking stuff. National Geographic has it covered with this video playlist that sets up the entire Deep Sea Challenge. Learn more about the depths:

…or you can cut to the chase with this video of his return:

PODCAST ALERT from Vermont Public Radio’s But Why? podcast for curious kids: How Deep Is The Ocean?.

Learn more about 170 million year old Mariana Trench and the tectonic forces behind it.

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