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The Kid Should See This

Jim Campbell on the genesis of Exploded Views at SFMOMA

Artist Jim Campbell describes the process behind his SFMOMA-commissioned work titled Exploded Views, a 2,880 LED installation in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s atrium in November 2011. From the artist’s site:

“This new installation … explodes the moving image into three dimensions, illuminating the Haas Atrium with a flickering grid of light that is part sculpture, part cinematic screen. Thousands of computer-controlled LED spheres create the illusion of fleeting shadowlike figures that dissolve and resolve as one moves around and beneath the suspended, chandelier-like matrix. Exploded Views investigates the nuances of perception through a series of four different films, changing every two months, the first of which is a collaboration with Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet.”

Here’s another example of the piece:

More light, more art, more San Francisco, more museums.

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