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Music from a Tree – Diego Stocco

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Remember sound designer and composer Diego Stocco? He made music at the dry cleaners! And now he’s made a Burt’s Bees commercial with the help of trees and other things in nature. From his project page:

To celebrate Earth Day 2012 Burt’s Bees asked me to create a video performance in the style of my Music from a Tree. We thought to include as “instruments” also some of the ingredients used in their products, like honey, almonds, rice, and coconuts; also bees had a musical role in this piece. I performed the whole composition by playing these natural elements, no synthesizers, samplers or additional sounds have been used.

Despite it being an ad, it’s a really clear illustration of how you can get sound and music from anything, even if you’re out in the backyard “with nothing to do.” Go outside and make some music!

Previous music + nature + commercial: the beautiful Touchwood SH-08C’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring from Japan.

via SwissMiss.

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