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Minuscule: The Caterpillar and the Brook (and more)

The Caterpillar and the Brook is from the animated series Minuscule. A French-made collection of short stories, Minuscule is about the private lives of ants, snails, bees, caterpillars, wasps, spiders and other tiny creatures, all told without any speaking at all. Highly recommended! For a caterpillar double feature, enjoy Caterpillars in Pairs:

And one more: another of the kids’ favorite Minuscule episodes, finish up with zzzeplin, about a spider and a balloon:

We’ve yet to find an affordable copy of these DVDs stateside, so we’re especially thrilled to find a few online. If you’re in France, the UK, Australia, or elsewhere in the world, you’ll hopefully have better luck!

In the archives: More videos with animated insects.

Thanks, Annie.

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