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3 Guinness World Records – Disc Cases, Stick Bomb, & Domino Wall

An Austrian Domino Art team of 22 Austrian, German, and Swiss builders went after not one, but three Guinness World Record chain reactions at a March 22nd, 2016 event that took four days to set up. The record breaking numbers: 10,266 disc cases, a 40.14 meter (131.69 foot) long domino wall, and the largest stick bomb made from 40,910 sticks… though the sticks do get stuck:

The stick bomb was activated by mouse traps and stopped after 2 seconds. It continued again after around two minutes without any interference from outside. The total number of dominoes that we set up was 80,000.

In the archives: The largest popsicle stick chain reaction (30,849 sticks) in April 2015, plus more chain reactions and more dominoes, including this must-see favorite: The most amazing thing about domino chain reactions.

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