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30 Days of animation

A character in a moment, one created each day for 30 consecutive days, animated as an exercise of skill and imagination by UK-based animator Geoff King. He writes: 

It was difficult to even think of what to animate most days. I spent a few hours on average for each day, sometimes it felt like all day. I originally intended to do them quicker but they usually didn’t get going till the late evening. This also meant all the days where only ‘first passes’ or ‘straight aheads’. After the first 5 days I realised I should try to maintain a reasonable quality. It wasn’t easy, a lot of time was spent hitting a wall but I had fun trying something different everyday.

30 Days is also a nice example of how a sketch can connect with its audience with motion and emotion in only a few seconds. No dialog required. Music: Le bal de Rémy by Circus Marcus.

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via The Curious Brain.

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