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The Kid Should See This

Disassembled / Things Come Apart – Todd McLellan

Photographer Todd McLellan has been on my mind ever since I saw this post on making an Inventor’s Box: a collection of tools and second-hand electronics for kids to disassemble, organize, wreck, rebuild, or reinvent into something completely different… you name it! 

In this time-lapse video (or this one), watch Todd disassemble different kinds of machines so that they can be meticulously arranged and photographed.

View his project, Things Come Apart, where he’s also photographed the same parts “flying” through the air.

McLellan’s photographs seek to challenge our disposable culture by making transparent all the things that we regularly throw away. He said he wanted to get inside the older objects to show the quality, beauty and care that went into the original manufacturing process.

“I hope people think a little bit more about the things they use. Not that people should have feelings for objects, but instead think about ‘reuse and recycle,’ not just ‘use and discard.’ “

The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry is featuring Things Come Apart until May 19th, 2013, or check out McLellen’s new book available for pre-order on Amazon: Things Come Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living.

McLellan’s prints are available at 20× (Full disclosure: I worked at 20×200 and love many of the prints there.) Related art from parts: One Plastic Beach.

via NPR.

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