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Bodypercussion music videos

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Bodypercussion, choreographed and performed by Santi Serratosa and Mariona Castells, to the song Not Worthy by Jack Savoretti.

A fun DIY, we were able to mimic a few sections of the choreography ourselves. It reminded us of this viral hit from a few years ago (that we would have needed a lot more practice to keep up with) — We No Speak Americano by Suzanne Cleary & Peter Harding:

The great thing about an activity like this is that you can always create your own dance moves to your favorite song. (And if you do, tell us about it!)

Get inspired by more performances, songs, and more dance videos in the archives, as well as this music video favorite of ours: Let’s Go by Matt & Kim.

Thanks, @immapunti.

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This video was posted 8 years ago.

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