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The Kid Should See This

Why Red Blood Cells Look Like Donuts

This week, the 5 year old discovered the science videos of Bite Sci-zed’s Alex Dainis, starting with this one: Echinoderm Show & Tell. When he immediately asked for more, we watched The Gas Laws, Dishes and Membranes and Why Red Blood Cells Look Like Donuts, above.

We’ve talked about red blood cells (and white blood cells) before, so some of this sounded familiar. And while some information is targeted towards older kids, the use of everyday objects and drawings provided enough familiarity to start our conversation…

Related watching: The Circulatory SystemThe Bloodmobile and BBC Knowledge Explainer DNA. Plus more videos about the body.

And the next time you have a donut, you’ll know how to make a red blood cell. Go forth, do science.

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