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Anatomy of Preservation: From a Specimen to an Object of Study

How do zoologists learn about the anatomy of different animals? And how do they display these specimens in the museums for us to observe and learn from? Watch the detailed deconstruction and reconstruction of a Jamaican Fruit Bat in the Anatomy of Preservation: A Journey from Specimen to Object of Study.

This time-lapse video from LSA’s Museum of Zoology takes the bat species Artibeus jamacanensis from specimen to display. The process might be a little stomach-churning, but then again, good science isn’t always mess-free.

As one of the largest university museums in the world, the Museum of Zoology is a crucial resource for use in research, conservation, and education. Studying animals such as Artibeus jamacanensis allows scientists to craft a tangible record of life on Earth.

Watch more videos with skeletons, bones, and bats.

via Ri Channel.

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