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The Elephant Shrew – Songs for Unusual Creatures

From Michael Hearst and PBS Digital Studios, enjoy Songs for Unusual Creatures: The Elephant Shrew. Please note, however, that the elephant shrew is not related to an elephant. From Wikipedia:

Elephant shrews, or jumping shrews, are small insectivorous mammals native to Africa… whose traditional common English name comes from a fancied resemblance between their long noses and the trunk of an elephant, and an assumed relationship with the shrews (family Soricidae) in the order Insectivora. Nonetheless, elephant shrews are not classified with the superficially similar true shrews…

Elephant shrews are small, quadrupedal, insectivorous mammals resembling rodents or opossums, with scaly tails, elongated snouts, and rather long legs for their size, which are used to move in a hopping fashion like rabbits… Elephant shrews mainly eat invertebrates, such as insects, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, and earthworms. An elephant shrew uses its nose to find prey and uses its tongue to flick small food into its mouth, much like an anteater.

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