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750,000 dominoes fall (and fail) at the World Domino Collective 2022

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Domino runs don’t always go to plan, especially when there are 750,000 dominoes. Chain reactions are challenging! And yet the Dutch Domino Team-organized falldown at the World Domino Collective 2022 still toppled a new amateur domino world record: 704,814 dominoes.

The Netherlands-based event‘s Domino Valley theme sets the stage. Amusement park domino designs include iconic rides that are divided into three distinct themes: Candy, Maya, and Space. The roller coaster wall finale was made with 22,520 dominoes alone.

merry go round
The Dutch Domino Team’s official World Domino Collective video shares the builds, the falldown, and the fails in 21 minutes. They also reveal more behind-the-scenes shots and stats, including how many dominoes each feature is made with and appreciative pre-fall views and replays, all set to music.

But don’t worry: You can still hear everyone’s reactions when big components fall as planned… and when they don’t. And the end of the video shares footage of the final domino count, as well as the falldowns of the features that didn’t work during the event.

duck feature
Then get a sense of what it was like to be there in person: This almost 18-minute video, shared by WDC22 participant and domino YouTuber Lily Hevesh of Hevesh5 documents the uninterrupted falldown without music:

falling ferris wheel
roller coaster finale
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