We love Rube Goldberg machines, and have posted about these short films from Japan’s NHK educational TV show, Pitagora Suitchi (PythagoraSwitch) before, so it’s no surprise that this 20 12 9 minute video collection of their Pitagora devices had the kids completely thrilled and mesmerized. The kinetic chain reactions were designed by a team from Keio University’s Masahiko Sato Laboratory. Watch them online while you can!

Related great fun: Joseph Herscher’s The Page Turner.

Thanks, @990000.

Update: The 20 minute video is no longer available. We replaced it with an equally incredible 12 minute collection.

Update II: The 12 minute video was removed from YouTube. The 9 minute video above was shared by Pythagora Switch (Pitagora Suitchi) ピタゴラスイッチ via Facebook in 2008. Hopefully it sticks around!

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