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An octopus unscrews a jar from the inside – Enoshima Aquarium

This octopus can get itself out of a closed jar… well, it can open the jar lid. It actually doesn’t seem to want to get itself out of the jar.

This video was filmed by the folks at Enoshima Aquarium in Fujisawa, Japan. They’ve brought us some excellent vids, such as these transparent eel larvae, this Red Batfish or Starry Handfish, and the internet classic time lapse of a molting Japanese Spider Crab.

Like crows, honey badgers, dolphins, orangutans, and so many other creatures in the animal kingdom, octopuses are seriously intelligent. Follow this demonstration up with this tentacles-on report from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and this amazing demo of how a massive octopus can fit inside such tiny spaces.

via Kottke. Thanks, @benjohnbarnes.

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