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Google’s Self-Driving Car Project

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We often tell our kids that by the time they’re 16 years old, they may not need to learn how to drive. Self-driving cars for those who can’t drive are an incredible chance to be more autonomous, and for those who can, it could be a luxury, possibly becoming a standard. So cool! At the same time, we’ve asked questions: What happens to the jobs of professional drivers as technology changes their businesses? How has technology shifted the machine/human balance in other industries in the past?

In the news: Google’s Self-Driving Car Project, a 2-seat electric vehicle with no steering wheel, brake pedal, or accelerator. What it does have: a cute little face.

In the archives, a previously featured Prius version, and more electric vehicles: the Spark-Renault Formula-E racecar, a behind-the-scenes tour of Tesla Motors, and the e-volo volocopter.

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