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A GoPro survives being engulfed by lava

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What happens when you leave a GoPro in a crevasse that’s slowly filling up with lava? Kalapana, Hawaii-based tour guide Erik Storm accidentally left his little video camera in the lava’s path for too long… yet the footage survived being submerged in the molten rock. He explains his luck via Storyful:

I thought the camera was for sure done when it was engulfed in the lava. I had a geologist rock hammer with me and that is how I was able to get it out of the now cooling rock. When I got home I hammered all the hardened rock off of the camera and was amazed to see the blue wi-fi light still blinking! The camera would turn on but the lens was slightly melted making it not really usable anymore. The SD card popped right out and the footage was intact! At the end of the video you can see me with the rock hammer, and then one of my guests on the private lava hike that day comes over to take a photo with his iPhone.

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Thanks, @s_munro8.

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