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The Kid Should See This

A LEGO Dragon self-assembles with stop motion animation

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LEGO + dragons + stop motion! With 479 pieces to move around, this LEGO dragon self-assembly video demonstrates a lot of detailed movement in every frame, animated by Elin Roberts, Head of Public Engagement at Newcastle’s Centre for Life, and Storycog science filmmaker Jonathan Sanderson.

Check out the making-of video here:

You can also get your own LEGO Creator Fiery Legend set, but please note: it probably won’t self-assemble.

lego dragon stop motion
Watch more videos with dragons and more LEGO vids, including an animated assembly of a LEGO Millennium Falcon.

Plus, more stop-motion self-assembled stuff: Making a Case for Books, how Frank Howarth made a lawn chair, and The Joy of Books.

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